Why you should visit Pearl Of Africa Farm?

Pearl of Africa Farm (POAF) developed in the rural setting is engaged in attractive and enjoyable sustainable farming that will offer you agricultural, educational and leisure opportunities. The farm management is readily available to share with you the best practice farming ideas during your stay at the farm. The innovative and interesting farming ideas practiced by the farm include the following among others;

  • The farm has taken good care of the environment and resources for the benefit of future generations;
  • Preservations of the environment has led to the reduction of man- made noise and pollution;
  • Fish farming in artistic water ponds;
  • Leisure and education has been incorporated into farming;
  • The farm produces its own compound , tree and bamboo seedlings;
  • The farm is at the stage of value addition to the farm output;
  • The farm has preserved wildlife and other natural resources;
  • The promoter of the farm is available to share his farming experience and
  • The farm has created its own swamp to ensure continuously supply of water during the dry season.


Most people do not like spending a lot of time   in their farms because the farms tend to be boring and are devoid of enjoyable activities. You are welcome to  enjoy the various  activities on our  farm  that include  leisure gardens, nature  walk,  trees, flower gardens , animals  and birds and  farm house equipped as  a home among others.

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