Transforming farming

The  local community  is  involved in small scale farming of foods crops and keeping of  limited number of livestock. The food produced  is mainly for home  consumption and a balance if any for sale on the market. The livestock forms part of the savings  for  the head of the homestead  to dispose off  to overcome  emergencies  that require cash.  The output from  farming  activities is low for a number of reasons including the following;

  • The peasant farmer does not have capital to buy quality seeds , fertilizers and farm chemical;
  • Due to limited capital majority of farmers  still use a panga and a hoe  to clear and prepare the land and  they cannot therefore  prepare a big piece of land ;
  • The peasant farmer has no access to agricultural extension services from government;
  • The farmer selection of crops is not driven by   current and potential demand but only grows crops for own consumption

Transforming farming

In order to improve the life of the rural farmers and overcome the above challenges , the farmers have to focus on preserving the environment in order to improve the soil fertility  and engaging in farming activities  that  have a market demand. The concept of preserving environment  and engaging in  farming activities is quite alien to most local farmers hence the need of a model farm that is practicing it for purposes of transfer of knowledge.

Pearl of Africa Farm is  a model farm that is engaged in farming activities  using a sustainable  faming approach. The farm has been established with aim of sharing information about various farming activities with the local farmers and other stakeholders. The knowledge plus the innovative approach to farming  will  enable  the farmers to transform their farming activities.

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