Transformation of farming

We plan to contribute to the  transformation of rural  farming   in Uganda through sharing  with the local community  new and innovative ways of farming that include the following among others;

  • Protecting the environment;
  • Demonstrating  urban and backyard farming;
  • Practicing sustainable farming practices;
  • Making farming  an  interesting  sector;
  • Sharing of best practice farming ideas;
  • Encouraging value addition at farm level and
  • Introducing  diversity  in farming.


Farming activities

The farming activities on the farm include the following among others;


  • Tree farming;
  • Fish farming in ponds;
  • Herbal plants;
  • Nursery garden;
  • Cows and goats;
  • Domestic birds;
  • Bee farming;
  • Bamboo farming;
  • Value addition and
  • Leisure gardens


Future activities


The future farming activities will include the following among others;


  • Crocodile farming
  • Community capacity building

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