We plan to contribute to the  transformation of rural  farming   in Uganda through sharing  with the local community  new and innovative ways of farming that include the following among others;

  • Protecting the environment;
  • Demonstrating  urban and backyard farming;
  • Practicing sustainable farming practices;
  • Making farming  an  interesting  sector;
  • Sharing of best practice farming ideas;
  • Encouraging value addition at farm level and
  • Introducing  diversity  in farming.


Farming activities

The farming activities on the farm include the following among others;


  • Tree farming;
  • Fish farming in ponds;
  • Herbal plants;
  • Nursery garden;
  • Cows and goats;
  • Domestic birds;
  • Bee farming;
  • Bamboo farming;
  • Value addition and
  • Leisure gardens


Future activities


The future farming activities will include the following among others;


  • Crocodile farming
  • Community capacity building

Author: Muhaise
John is developing an agritourism mix farm with the plan of keeping a few animals on zero grazing, growing trees, coffee and bananas among other things. He also plans to engage in bee, mushroom and fish farming projects. John has developed a website www.pearlofafrica.com to share his experience and challenges with other people as he implements his dream.

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