Sustainable farming is the ability of Pearl Of Africa Farm (POAF) to produce goods and services  to meet our needs without compromising the ability of current or future generations to meet their needs.  In order to achieve the above, POAF has implemented the following practices among others;

  • Crop diversity in order to enhance production;
  • Environment protection;
  • Crop rotation;
  • Preservation of water sources;
  • Preventing soil erosion;
  • Improving quality of life on the farm;
  • Vegetation protection and
  • Value addition in order to enhance farm produce prices.

The management of POAF has developed the farm in the way that it will have a positive impact on the local community and other stakeholders.

Author: Muhaise
John is developing an agritourism mix farm with the plan of keeping a few animals on zero grazing, growing trees, coffee and bananas among other things. He also plans to engage in bee, mushroom and fish farming projects. John has developed a website to share his experience and challenges with other people as he implements his dream.

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