Success in farming is about overcoming challenges

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Pearl of Africa Farm (POAF) is a small mix model farm devoted to sharing of information with local community on sustainable farming practices.  Activities on the farm include the following among others;

  • Timber tree farming
  • beekeeping,
  • fish farming
  • Cow and goats
  • Nursery farm
  • Herbal plants

Challenges faced by the farm

POAF has faced a number of challenges over time and the key ones include the following;

  • Inadequate rainfall;
  • Lack of proper seeds;
  • Lack of agricultural extension services;
  • Many animal and plant diseases;
  • Shortage of effective labour;
  • Thefts of crops and animals;
  • Lack of effective demand and
  • Low application of technology.

Mitigation strategies to overcome challenges

The table below summarizes the mitigation strategies that POAF has developed to overcome the challenges.

 ChallengeMitigation strategy
1Lack of CapitalPrioritizing of activities in light of limited capital
2Lack of trained labour On job training of local community
3Inadequate rainfallDigging of fish ponds and creation of swamp to preserve water during dry seasons
4Expert adviceAttending farming seminars and linking with research institutions
5Disease controlDeveloping capacity of disease control at farm level.
6Quality seedsDeveloping a nursery garden for seeds
7TechnologyOpting for labor intensive in the initial stages and adopting technology at value addition level
8Lack of effective demandEngaging in high value activities that are not in competition with products produced by local community.


POAF has faced many challenges but has been able to overcome them through proper planning and implementation of its farming activities. POAF has also benefited from a good network of experienced farmers and experts that it has regularly relied on for advice.

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