There are a number of leisure activities one can engage while on the farm. The key ones include the following among others;

  1. Nature walk;
  2. Feeding the fish, the goats, poultry  and cows;
  3. Enjoying flora and fauna;
  4. Farm study tour;
  5. Understanding the environmental protection efforts;
  6. Visiting the nursery and herbal gardens;
  7. Visiting the bamboo forest and
  8. Visiting the leisure gardens.

Leisure activities in the neighborhood.

These include the following;

  1. Tour of Mende Hill quarry;
  2. Tour of community projects;
  3. Tour of cultural sites in Mende and
  4. Visit to the Mayanja River

Author: Muhaise
John is developing an agritourism mix farm with the plan of keeping a few animals on zero grazing, growing trees, coffee and bananas among other things. He also plans to engage in bee, mushroom and fish farming projects. John has developed a website to share his experience and challenges with other people as he implements his dream.