Fish Ponds

The farm is engaged in farming of tilapia using artistically designed fish ponds that are surrounded by leisure gardens. The idea of artistically designed fish bonds was adopted   in order to preserve the environment and also make fish farming appealing to most people. The artistically designed ponds are surrounded by beautiful leisure gardens.


The farm has faced many challenges in fish farming and the table below summarizes both the challenges and adopted mitigation strategies;

 ChallengesMitigation strategy
1Lack of expert advice in designing artistic fish pondsDeveloped farm level capability relying on available information on the internet.
2Supply of quality fish fingerlingsLinked with the tilapia fish expert to supply fingerlings
3Lack of aquaculture extension  support staffVisited established fish farmers at Kajjansi on Entebbe Road and Jinja for advice in addition to linking with experts.
4Supply of quality fish feedRelied on Ugachick for supply of fish feed and also visited their demonstration project on Lake Victoria
5Lack trained labour in fish farm managementDeveloped farm level capacity
6Security of fishDeveloped farm level capacity of improving security. The artistic ponds also became an advantage in keeping water ducks at bay.


It is difficult to start fish farming as promoter has to have both the interest and determination to do it with little support from government.  It is important to note the interest in fish farming will increase over time as you start seeing the results of your effort.