Fish Ponds

The farm is involved in fish farming of tilapia, catfish and crayfish  using artistically designed  fish ponds that are surrounded by leisure gardens. The idea of artistically designed fish bonds came to our mind  in order to make  fish farming an appealing activity  to most people. The ponds are surrounded by beautiful leisure gardens.


We have faced the following challenges  in fish farming activities;

Artistic fish ponds

All the fish experts  we approached for advice  in  designing  of artistic fish ponds  were unable  to help  as they felt that  artistic  ponds will be difficult to fish and manage. We had therefore to design them ourselves with our  limited knowledge in design of fish ponds. We also did not  have people with competence in  developing  artistic fish ponds. We trained  people as we went along.

Quality fish fingerlings

We thought it would be quite easy to stock the ponds but we were wrong. The supply of quality fingerlings was a bit of a challenge as the right size was not readily available.  There was a long queue for fish  fingerlings as the supply was limited.

Aquaculture extension  support staff

Aquaculture support extension staff  were not readily available and therefore we had to visit ponds in Kajjansi and Jinja for acquisition of knowledge in pond fish farming. We were  however unable to connect with anyone conducting fish farming in artistically  designed ponds.

Quality Fish feed

At the time  quality fish feed was not readily available and it was quite expensive when we finally got it.  As  time went on we were able  to access fish pellet feed. There was  a lot of waste when using powder fish feed.

Fish pond management

We also found it  difficult to get trusted and  experienced people to manage the fish ponds . We had to train  our own people somehow.

Security of fish

At one stage we almost abandoned fish farming as we  could not secure  the fish from water ducks, snakes and  human beings. We persisted and over time we were able to overcome the key security challenges. We later  learnt the trick  of  protecting  fish in  artistic  fish ponds from fish eating water ducks.


It is difficult to start fish farming as one has to have the interest and determination as one  has  to do it with little support from government.  We have noted that  our interest in fish farming increased over time as we started  fish harvesting .  The most interesting moment is when we are  feeding  the fish as we  literally see them jumping up and down with food excitement.

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