Our Flora and Fauna

The farm is located in the area of Katubwe-Banda Wakiso District   where  natural vegetation that included  shrubs, spear grass, elephants grass, trees  and wetlands  has been  destroyed in order to create room for farming and other developmental activities . The  birds,  animals and other livings things that used to occupy the area are no more as their natural home has been destroyed.

Pearl of Africa farm (POAF)  aims at contributing towards the efforts of reversing the environment destruction  trend through engaging in sustainable land  and environment exploitation activities that integrate environmental health,  profitability motive and community social  impact. The aim  is to  develop a model farm that will be used to transfer knowledge about sustainable usage of land and  environment  to the local community and other visitors. The farm  will therefore  serve as  a good example of  sustainable of exploitation  of land and   environment for the benefit of future generations.

Plant and vegetation

The farm has over 500 different types of plants and vegetation majority of which are no longer easily found in the area.  The  farm has  planted eucalyptus forest , Musizi trees  papyrus, bamboo trees, coffee, cocoa , swamps grass, herbal plants and many others to ensure the farm has a  good collection  of various types of plants and vegetation.

Animals , birds and  reptiles

The wild  animals  , birds,  insects  and reptiles are slowly returning to the farm. We have so far plenty of wild bees and insects , weaver birds , fish , tree climbing squirrels and water based living things like frogs among others.


The efforts of the farm are yielding good results except the  challenge of keeping the forest , vegetation and wildlife safe  from the local  community who   have not yet appreciated the value of preserving the environment. We will soon require resources for keeping what has been introduced on the farm safe.

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