Our farm’s impact on the community

The  farm  is  located  in  the  rural area of Wakiso District  about 25 km  on  Kampala-Hoima Road. The people  sorrounding the farm  derive their income mainly from farming activities of food crops, making soil bricks and working in  stone  quaries  on  Mende Hill. The farm with its new innovative concepts is expected to have  the following impact on the local community;


The farm currently employs about 20 people from the local community to carry various activites on the farm. The farm when fully operational will employ over fifty people majority of whom will come from the local community.

Sharing of knowledge

The management   of the farm  spends some sharing farming knowledge with the local community  with aim of encouraging  them to engage in profitable farming activities. So far a number of farmers have started growing timber  trees and bananas and watering crops during the dry season. There is one farmer who has modified his two and half acres  farm to engage  in integrated  farming farming activities   on understand that   the farm  will   take  some of  its   visitors to his  farm.

Protection of Source of water

The farm has preserved a swamp of about two and half acres as a source of water for various farming activities including fish farming  and irrigation of crops. During the dry season the swamp  also provides  water  to the local community  that   includes  a secondary school.

Education purposes

The different farming  activities being carried out on the farm  that  fish  , mushroom  ,  herbal plants , coffee, timber forest , bambo forest ,  plant nurseries and  bananas among others  offer a lot of learning  and training opportunities to the local community, primary and secondary schools  and colleges of high learning.

Fire woods

A number of people from neighbouring households frequent the forest to collect dry tree branches  that  drop  down in the eucalyptus forest.


The local community has access to some of areas of the forest  for  leisure  purposes. Plans are underway for them to have directed activities  to enhance their capacity to venture into gainful activities.


The farm will attract a lot of visitors that  will provide potential demand for goods and services produced by the local community.

The spinoff  activities

The farm is expected to stimulate the development of the area because of the number of visitors that will frequent the farm.

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