Flooding and soil erosion

At the time of clearing the swamp we were of the view that the swamp was not important to us. We learnt our lessons as a result of flooding and soil erosion. We have now adopted sustainable farming with the aim of   maintaining a healthy environment for future generations. As a result our vegetation cover has improved and a swamp area has been re-established. The re-established swamp is like a sponge as it absorbs surface runoff rain water hence slowing down the speed of surface runoff rain water. The rain water is afterwards slowly released through the farm. The swamp is important in the following ways;

  • The surface runoff rain water is absorbed by the swamp and released slowly through the farm hence preventing  destruction of crops and soil erosion;
  • The swamps also provides water to the farm and the neighboring   community during the dry period;
  • It is a home of aquatic plants , birds , monkeys, and supports various aquatic life;
  • The swamp helps in cleaning storm water   before  it is released through the farm;
  • The swamp supports the growing of grass used for feeding animals;
  • The swamp area is also used for growing of food crops and herbal plants and
  • Walkways have been established around the swamp area for learning and leisure purposes.


It is important we all support the preservation of swamps because of their importance to us.  A swamps absorbs surface runoff rain water leading to prevention of flooding and reduction of soil erosion.  The swamps also promotes aquatic life and plants. We should therefore support the preservations of swamps instead of clearing them to pave way for development.

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