To make the best of your Farm stay, you can take advantage of the different fun activities that we have carefully selected for you.

Nature walks

The farm has well maintained nature walk routes from the Guest House to the various interesting parts of the farm including the swamp. The nature walk routes will take one to the artistic ponds, bamboo forest, Canoe landing site, man developed islands, eucalyptus forest, nursery garden, leisure gardens among others.

Canoe experience

The wooden canoes are locally made at the farm from Musizi and eucalyptus timber with the aim of giving local community and visitors water travel experience. There are various canoe team building exercise available on request. We also provide canoeing lessons

Camping grounds

There are well developed sites for camping with camp fire and barbecuing facilities.

Guest house

The farm has a limited number of accommodations on the farm to enable visitors fully experience living with nature. While at the farm one acquires baking, barbequing and canoeing experience among others


While on the farm one will enjoy feeding the fish that include cat fish and tilapia. The farm also enables the visitors to learn fishing using a canoe.

Bird watching

For the birding enthusiasts, the farm because of the forest, fish ponds and swampy area provides a sanctuary for various bird species.