Artistic man-made fish farming lakes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have visited a number of fish farming ponds for both learning and inspiration purposes. I am sure you might have done the same.  I have always been struck by the boring shapes or designs of fish ponds and the environment around them. I find the trees are cut for fear of creating a resting place for fish eating birds.   I guess but I might be wrong that the fish in these ponds are also not enjoying themselves as they are denied the resemblance of their natural environment, the lakes and rivers. For sure I may not wish to visit the same ponds I have been to before because of the boring environment. The man–made ponds I have visited are mainly designed either rectangular or square form. The appearance of natural environment for fish is not rectangular or square in nature. I have listened to the arguments in favor of rectangular or square shaped fish ponds from fish experts but the fact that the designs are boring needs to be addressed. Man by nature is quite creative and therefore the creativity of man should be applied when digging fish ponds.

With a team of creative energetic young men, I have embarked on a project of creating artistic small man-made lakes for fish farming and leisure. The lakes are surrounded by trees, bananas, flowers, channels and leisure gardens. The design of the lakes has included some features you would expect to find on a natural lake or rivers.  The lakes have been with minimum negative impact on the environment. The project aims at inspiring farmers to include fish farming, crop farming, animal husbandry and leisure in their farming activities in order to generate more revenue from their farms. The attractive leisure environment attracts visitors to the farm to buy farm produce and also pay the farmer to enjoy the leisure activities on the farm.

The various interesting shapes or design of our artistic fish lakes are shown below.

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