5 reasons why agritourism is important

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You may wonder what  agritourism is all about.  Agritourism is the act of visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural, or agribusiness operations for the purpose of enjoyment, education or active involvement in the activities of the farm or operations.

There are 5 reasons why Pearl of Africa Farm has been established.

1. Creation of enjoyment

The farm creates a platform for people to come face to face with nature without necessarily being directly involved in farming and preservation of nature. The visitors will enjoy both farming and nature and they will have an opportunity to appreciate what nature has to offer in terms of their survival and enjoyment. Therefore farm offers a platform for enjoyment of sustainable farming, environment and wildlife in the community environment

2. Source of revenue

Quite often many people engage in farming without aiming at maximising the income from the farm.   Many farmers aim at only maximising the income through the sale of the products of the farm and do not consider other sources of income.  Pearl of Africa Farm has introduced a tourism angle to farming with the aim of maximising income farming activities. The farm has made some few modifications to farming in order to attract visitors to the farm.  We know there are many people willing to pay to visit the   farm for enjoyment and learning if they are invited.  We are in the process of creating an ideal environment for the visitors to come to the farm.

3. Involving the local community

Pearl of Africa Farm is located within a rural community. We have come to appreciate that the success of Pearl of Africa Farm will so depend on how we get the local community involved in the activities of the farm. There are a number of services and goods which the local community can provide to the farm ranging from labour to provision of farm manure among other things. There also so many opportunities of interest to the visitors which the local community can exploit. For example the local community can sale their fresh farm produce to the visitors that come to the area.

4. Agritourism takes visitors to the rural areas

The farm is located in a rural area with poor infrastructure and no one will for sure dream of coming to the area unless there is an exciting attraction. The Pearl of Africa Farm is creating that exciting   attraction for visitors to come to the area. Therefore agritourism can be a catalyst to community development in the area.

5. Build relationship between agricultural community and tourism

A number of people living in urban areas do not appreciate the role of the agricultural community to the development of the country. Pearl of Africa Farm has created a platform for creating relationship between the local agricultural community and visitors who come to the farm for enjoyment. The visitors for sure will appreciate the importance of the community to their well being.


We all know the saying that learning does not stop until one completes his or her life journey in the world. The farm has created an opportunity for visitors to learn how farming, preservation of environment and tourism can be sustainably combined.

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