John Muhaise Bikalemesa

John Muhaise Bikalemesa

I am most blessed because I grew up on the farm at the time when the   land was still virgin and fertile. Any seed put on the ground would grow. There was no need to use fertilizers and so many chemicals to support the growth of crops. We were eating mangoes, passions, guavas, pawpaws and other fruits free of any chemical contamination. At the time there was no need to go to the national parks to see wildlife as we were in co-existence with wildlife.  In the bushes around our village one would find huge snakes, edible rats, water buck, wild pigs, bush bucks, monkeys, squirrels and   wild birds among others free of charge.  But the beauty of the land and the environment which I was exposed to when I was growing up in the village is no more.  Most of the things I grew up seeing are no more. There are no more true homesteads. People are nowadays living in homes surrounded by destroyed environment. The land is now barren and trees and bushes have vanished. A typical rural homestead can hardly produce adequate food for the family without the use of fertilizers and chemicals. The situation looks pathetic but can be reversed.

The aim of Fortune of Africa Farm to inspire other people by example to learn and appreciate the best practices of using the land that ensures man and nature sustainable lives in harmony. We have to remember that man in the long run cannot leave without nature.  We don’t have to destroy nature for the sake of it.  God created us with capacity to modify the physical world around ourselves but not to destroy it. We have to modify nature in the most sustainable manner for future generations. You do not have to cut all the trees in order to build houses. We have to aim at that level of development that ensures our environment is protected.

Protecting your environment on your farm will give you the greatest happiness in your life because of the following;

  • Less noise and pollution because the environment absolves the noise and pollution created by you and other living things.
  • You achieve healthier living of the fresh food that is full of all the nutrients that your human body needs.
  • The farm is the most relaxed place where you can enjoy peacefulness that nature provides.
  • Your children will get free first hand and practical education and experience on the farm.
  • The farm enables you to practically see the value of hard innovative work.
  • The value of a neighbour and employees is greatly demonstrated on the farm

Honestly, I cannot regret spending my day on the farm as I am continuously learning new things from nature, visitors and farm workers. You are therefore cordially welcome to spend some time on the farm interacting with nature. We can guarantee you by the time you leave you will be more fresh and educated.