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Success in farming is about overcoming challenges

I have slightly over 40 acres of mix farm devoted to the growing of food crops for people and animals and other crops. Other activities on the farm include beekeeping, fish farming and a small diary unit. I am now planning to introduce some wildlife on the farm to create more demand for the farm

  • 6 key success factors for viable commercial farming

6 key success factors for viable commercial farming

I have been in farming activities of  food crops, timber trees,  fish , rabbits,  piggery , poultry  ,  dairy cattle  and bees  among other things  for a number of years without making  sustainable income.  I have come to the conclusion that farming is not as easy as most people tend to think. I have faced

Artistic man-made fish farming lakes

I have visited a number of fish farming ponds for both learning and inspiration purposes. I am sure you might have done the same.  I have always been struck by the boring shapes or designs of fish ponds and the environment around them. I find the trees are cut for fear of creating a resting

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5 reasons for bee farming

Bee farming is about managing or keeping   bees so that they can produce for you   honey and other by-products. Bee farming can be started on a small scale with a few beehives being kept. Bee farming can also be done on a large scale if one has substantial    initial capital injection for acquisition of bee

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5 reasons why farming is very important today

I would never have dreamt of   achieving my mission   if my parents were not involved in farming. In our family, we would prepare the land for the growing of food and cash crops using basic farm implements like hoe and bush machete. The produce from the food crops was mainly   for our home consumption and

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